Playoffs Picks My Dudes (West)

Fake Hockey News doesn’t know what the fuck we’re talking about here’s our best guess. Calgary Flames vs Colorado Avalanche¬† This is the western series with the most consensus. Calgary is the better team, right? WRONG! No just kidding they are and will probably win but their goaltending is going to play a major role in this series. Calgary has yet to announce the starting … Continue reading Playoffs Picks My Dudes (West)

Stanley Cup Champion Mikael Granlund

The Smashville Preds are going all the way this year. It will happen in 7 games when their wagon meets the TampaBay wagon in the fiz-inalz. The Predators have been contenders if not favourites for the past 3 seasons and this year it’s going down. While it pains me to say as a die-hard Winnipeg Jets fan. I feel as though the deal was sealed … Continue reading Stanley Cup Champion Mikael Granlund