Season Predictions: The Metro

Predicting this division is going to be wicked hard. Last years bottom two teams the Devils and Rangers both improved significantly. The Flyers are a year older and wiser. The Capitals and Penguins are the Capitals and Penguins…but the team that’s going to come out on top of this division is SEBASTIAN AHO AND THE HURRICANES!!! Just kidding they are the Flordia of last year, … Continue reading Season Predictions: The Metro

Playoffs Picks My Dudes (West)

Fake Hockey News doesn’t know what the fuck we’re talking about here’s our best guess. Calgary Flames vs Colorado Avalanche¬† This is the western series with the most consensus. Calgary is the better team, right? WRONG! No just kidding they are and will probably win but their goaltending is going to play a major role in this series. Calgary has yet to announce the starting … Continue reading Playoffs Picks My Dudes (West)

The Fake Hockey News Playoff Picks Baby (EAST)

The playoffs are fuckin here!!!! Let’s break this bitch down. Tampa Bay Lightning vs Columbus Blue Jackets¬† FHN Pick: Tampa in 5 The bolts are the best team in hockey by a country mile. The Jackets are a team better than their record shows and not an ideal first round match-up for a number one seed. That being said the Lightning are the best in … Continue reading The Fake Hockey News Playoff Picks Baby (EAST)