Guys I Would Overpay, Subsequently Ruining Both My Career and Theirs.

Here is a list of a few players I love watching and If given a shot as GM of ANY NHL franchise, I would overpay immediately. This would likely lead to the fans turning on me, and my team of 3rd line stallions.  

Brandon Tanev

Many thought Jim Rutherford did overpay him when he signed him to a six-year 21 million dollar deal. Fuck that I would have given him more Tanev has the energizer bunny’s motor, he never stops and spends 100% of the game looking like he’s skating downhill on a Redbull crashed ice course. He is generously listed at 6’0″ but doesn’t give a shit and will hurl his entire frame at any defender who is inside the same area code as the puck. He is pretty good at hockey too. Check out this goal. 

Bet old Jim was hard as a rock after that one. I would have at least doubled Jim’s offer and made Tanev a first-line winger. 


Ryan Hartman

I LOVE Ryan Hartmans game…sometimes. I thought I was onto something unknown outside of Chicago when I started paying attention to Hartman’s play. He shows flashes of everything you could ever want in a hockey player; he fights, can score(19 goals his first full season) and isn’t afraid to wind up and level Danius Zubrus on his first NHL shift.

Unfortunately, Hartman hit his peak in terms of point production in his rookie season. Other Gm’s have taken a shot on him, and I would be the next sucker to believe in the flashes of brilliance. I really thought Philadelphia would be the place for him to thrive. He briefly shared a line with my next favourite 3rd liner Scott Laughton.


Scott Laughton

Scott Laughton has a wicked wrist shot. If you are not a fan of the Flyers, you may not have known. He is also a very responsible two-way player who can win a draw. That is what my team would be looking for in a first-line center. I would dish out six mill over the next 4-years for a beauty like that. He is almost like a Mike Richards Lite. Including his small-town background and stimulating interview style. Scott seems like the kind of guy that everybody likes, works hard, plays hard guy of fella. I would place a C on his chest any day of the week.


My top line of Tanev- Laughton- Hartman would be glorious, and no one can convince me otherwise.

Up next. Top D pair and goalie

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