2 for 8 In The First Round. Here Are The Round 2 Picks You Should Bet Against, Probably.

Let’s try this again… The first round was WACK, Yo. Now that we’ve seen what the Playoff versions of these teams look like FakeHockeyNews is ready to try again. We can’t frig it up that bad, that often… Unfortunately, this is being posted late and we have already botched the Islanders series.

St.Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars

FHN Pick: Blues in 6

The Blues continued to look like the team from the second half of the season. Jordan Binnington has ice in his veins. Nothing phases this guy. He’s out there thinking about what sounds Giraffes make and whether he would choose to fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck. Hockey is easy for this guy. He’ll go head to head with Big Ben who will have to be the best player on the Stars, who are not nearly as deep as the Winnipeg Jets. Roope Hintz could be an X factor he has great flow and a funny name. Look at Winnington though, he doesn’t look nervous.

Colorado Avalanche vs San Jose Sharks

FHN Pick: Sharks in 6

The Sharks, our new pick to win Lord Stanley. They went through some shit in that first round. They are a good team and Marty Jones stepped up when they needed him. Not even Nathan Mackinnon and his HUGE playoff dong can beat the Sharks. natmakinon

Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Islanders

FHN Pick: Islanders in 5

The Islanders are sick I guess. I personally never watched them because I thought they still sucked. Barry The Brow Trotz is going to wander into GOAT territory if he keeps this up. Robin Lehner is playing lights out and a former Edmonton Oiler is making Chiarelli look like a moron so that’s good. The Canes are decent but I’ll bet on the goalie I have more faith in.barryT

Boston Bruins vs Columbus Blue Jackets

FHN Pick: Blue Jackets in 7

This one is going to be a battle. The edge goes to the Blue Jackets because why not the boys are rolling. Matt Duchene was solid in the first round and everyone can suck it. He’s going to make millions and millions of dollars. Officer BOBROVSKY won a playoff series. They are a deep physical team that can and will trade punches with the Bruins


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