Playoffs Picks My Dudes (West)

Fake Hockey News doesn’t know what the fuck we’re talking about here’s our best guess.

Calgary Flames vs Colorado Avalanche 

This is the western series with the most consensus. Calgary is the better team, right? WRONG!

No just kidding they are and will probably win but their goaltending is going to play a major role in this series. Calgary has yet to announce the starting chicken tendy. Regardless of who the starter is, he’ll have a short leash. We saw it work out incredibly well last year when Brayden Holtby came in after backing now the Avs starting goalie Hans Grubauer, however usually teams with ????? in the crease don’t last very long. That being said it’s going to be a fast-paced fun series that the Flames should win.

FHN pick: Flames in 5


San Jose Sharks vs Vegas Golden Knights

FHN pick: The Sharks in 7

This is going to be a battle. There were times this season that the sharks looked like the best team in the league and other times that they looked like the mediumest team in the league. They are deep as hell and have a great mix of veteran leadership and younger talent. This may be Jumbo Joe’s last kick at the can and you’ve got to think the team will really rally around that. It’s going to be a great series that comes down to the wire one way or the other. I’ve gotta give the edge to the beards.MIGHTY JOE

Nashville Predators vs Dallas Stars

FHN pick: Preds in 4

Smashville was going through the motions out there during the regular season. When the playoff puck drops they are going to release the beast. Stick a fork in em, the starts are done. It’s not even going to be close. Pekka Rinne’s playoff struggles are greatly over exaggerated he’s a great goaltender that is going to shut the god damn door. Forsberg is the second nastiest player behind AHO. watch him absolutely fill the net. Bishop is going to get the hook in games 3 and 4 before heading home a broken giant man. PEKKA

Winnipeg Jets vs St.Louis Blues

FHN pick: WPG in 6


It’s going to be a tough series. The Jets fell asleep during the second half of this season. No one more so than Patty hatty Laine. The Blues, on the other hand, were the hottest team in the league during the second half. They torched everyone. Tarasanko started doing Tarasanko things and they found a goalie not named Jake Allen #tradeallen. For these reasons, St.Louie is a slight favourite despite starting the series on the road. I don’t give a shit. This is a new season. HellerBuck has been slowly turning it on as of late despite the continued struggles of the rest of the team. The D will be healthyish and the Jets will come to play. Jets in 6PATHAT

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