Stanley Cup Champion Mikael Granlund

The Smashville Preds are going all the way this year. It will happen in 7 games when their wagon meets the TampaBay wagon in the fiz-inalz. The Predators have been contenders if not favourites for the past 3 seasons and this year it’s going down.

While it pains me to say as a die-hard Winnipeg Jets fan. I feel as though the deal was sealed on February 25th when Nashville picked up Bruce-Wayne-Simmonds. A man whos casually inching his way to 500 NHL points, and while he may be declining in terms of point production he can still ruin you in other ways. He is a beast of a power forward and the kind of guy who is a nightmare to play against in the playoffs.

That move alone could have been enough to put the mustard-piss cats over the top but then they go and make, what has easily been the most underrated move of the deadline, and acquire Mikael fucking Granlund. Granlund! Mikael “sauce daddy” Granlund! This guy is in my mind the most underrated player in the league. In his past two seasons, he has put up 69 and 67 points. On pace for 63 this season a slight regression. However, playing with Nashville should create more opportunities. Nashville simply creates more chances and scores more goals than his former team. They have struggled on the powerplay but this is exactly why Granlund is such a perfect fit! He is a genius passer especially given time and space he will create more options while allowing Nashville’s Defense more space to fire bombs from the point like they so love to do. Granlund to Subban 1 timer… good night, see you later. He is currently slotted in on the second line with Turris and Craig Smith, just a side note: Craig Smith is one of those guys that you have to use both names for, I imagine his teammates, coaches and parents all call him Craig Smith…Anyways Turris and Craig Smith are not major improvements over any of the top six guys he was playing with in Minnesota but it is a nice line that gives Nashville some scary depth.


TLDR Granlund is sick, Nashville is good.

Here are some examples of Granlund being good.

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