Top 10 Stickmen in the Show

A stickman by definition is one who enjoys considerable success with many beautiful women. As an NHL hockey player, you would have to be pretty dense to not pull. But here is a list of the current cream of the crop. The ones who transcend the sport and compete with the greatest stickmen in the game. A-rod, Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Timberlake (the man is a pure bread stickman) and of course Hugh everyone’s daddy Heffner.

Number 10

Michael Del Zotto

Lisa ANn

Sounds like he’s a bit of a creep about it but sometimes persistence pays off. He was linked to porn star Lisa Ann. You get points if you smashed a porn star or almost smashed a porn star? To have the chops to think you fuck better than professional fuckers, well my hats a little bit off to you. But Trash player, and again kinda creepy so we’ll let him slide into your dm’s at #10

Number 9

Paul Bissonnette


“BizNasty” put up a total 7 nhl goals in 202 games…fucking brutal. That only makes his off ice abilities that much more impressive. This picture speaks for itself. Look at that rocket.

Number 8

Mike Fishercarriefisher

Even If Mike Fisher has only ever been with one woman, he’s still a stickman in my books. A man rocket…but he looks like a goon standing next to his lovely wife.

Number 7

Mike Richards


Mike is a winner. Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Stanley Cups, Olympic Gold medal. He went hard and won everything you could imagine by the time he was 32. Mike found himself without a team after a short stint with the Capitals in 2016. He now spends most of his time laying pipe.

Number 6

Sebastian Aho


Aho is a fox. These days taking home a Victoria Secret supermodel is an off night. He would be #1 on this list but with so many confirmed kills he must have slain some dragons.

Number 5

Sean Avery


Love em or hate em. Avery has game. He may be the best-dressed man the league has seen in years. His dating history is solid. Knowing when to retire and settle down with a 10 is also a great move. You can’t be out there in the later years bringing down your batting average.  Well done Avery.

Number 4

Tyler Seguinseguin

Number 3

Steve Yzerman.


It’s no coincidence that the Man rocket list is crossing over into the stickman show. Stevie Y is the King. He invented the game and was doing it before you were born…hell he was doing it before he was born. James Franko can thank him for all the smashing he’s done.


Number 2

Manon Rheaume


Only one woman has played in the show. Manon is a beauty, men are easy. She takes home as many top tier man rockets as she feels like. Legend.

Number 1

Sebastian Aho


They said it couldn’t be done… Twice on the same list but Aho gets it done so fuckin hard. GOAT.

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