Morgan Rielly “I could have ended up living in a shed with my uncle”

Morgan Rielly is having a monster season. Despite what the league says he’s an All-star. The former Moose Jaw Warrior leads all NHL defensemen with 50 points in 49 games. Rielly’s numbers have put him firmly into the Norris Trophy conversation for leagues best DMAN. Something the Rielly says he “never could have imagined.”

Rielly says he is grateful to be able to play the game he loves every day. He went on to admit that life just as soon could have gone a completely different direction. “I just as soon could be living in a shed in a trailer park with my uncle”

Rielly’s uncle known by friends and family as “bubbles” has lived in a shed in a Dartmouth Novia Scotia trailer park for over a decade. “You know I’m a pretty private person” Rielly admitted “I’m certainly not embarrassed by any means, I love my Uncle and he was like a father to me, it’s just crazy to think that I am here now”


(shown above Rielly’s Uncle know as “bubbles”)

The 2012 fifth overall pick hasn’t spoken with his uncle in years.  Despite reaching out several times since becoming a full-time NHL player. Offering to help pay bills or buy him a house. Rielly says “Uncle Bubs, has everything he needs, I get that now. I just wish he would return some of my calls”

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