Man Rocket Monday

Nothing gay about this list… Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Number 10man rocket monday

Very underrated. He is a rocket, he has a rocket Benny and the Jets Charot

Number 9jeff teeth

Even without teeth, this handsome bastard would steal your wives, mother, daughters, and sons.

Number 8HOS UR JAGR.jpg

Jagr aged like a fine wine. He’s your daddy.

Number 7other aho

Sebasti├ín steal Aho… Yeah, the one on the Islanders.

Number 6

man ocke

Brady Skjei? Brady what the fuck is his last name…. Is a top tier man rocket. This has been well documented by NY Ranger teammates on the chicklets pod. Good for him, great guy, nice jawline.

Number 5

steve franko

Steve Yzerman…He’s the eldest Franko brother. You just know the guy fucks.

Number 4 seguin

Seguin may be the most prolific scorer on this list but it was not quite enough to get him to the podium.

Number 3 dj orgy

Roman Josi. The guy looks like the DJ at an orgy

Number 2 bernier-feature-image

Jonny Bernier poor bastard didn’t know who Nelson Mandella was… Bernier doesn’t need to know Mandella. He just needs to sit there and look pretty.

Number 1

Kyle SEX GOD Connor. This one was a no-brainer. He’s the best in the business and can get it done in a number of ways.

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