The All-Star Game is Dumb and Stupid

Mitch Marner is an All-Star. This game is stupid. Nobody cares. Mix it up, throw 4 captains up there and let them pick from the best players in the league like MARNER AND POINT. After that let each guy bring one of their beer league buddies and let the players crush brews. Have a shotgun shootout, where you have to gun a beer spin around a few times and then try and win your team the shooty. Give the winning team a big cash prize and some babes. Let Phil Kessel rip laps around the rink while Webber and Chara try to knock out every one of Adam Mcquaid’s teeth with clap daddies, One pill Phil can’t stop till they all fall out. Then have the 3 or 4 fighters left in the league beat the piss out of each other for 15 minutes

There I fixed the All-star game and skills comp. Gary Bettman better slide into my dm’sPhilly

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