Five Fantasy Hockey Moves You Need to Make Today

1. Connor McDavid

You should definitely pick him up. He’s pretty good at hockey.

2. Sidney Crosby

Here’s another guy that’s pretty good at hockey. I would get him if you want to win fantasy hockey.

3. Nathan Mackinnon

This Mackinnon fella he scores points sometimes. Go pick him up.

4. Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall, believe it or not is a former NHL heart trophie winner. He would probably help your fantasy team out.

5. Sebastián Aho

AHO is the best player in the NHL so he won’t be as easy to get as other on this list but if you can trade everything you have for him I highly recommend it.

If you drafted Erik Karlsson 3rd overall thinking he would have a monster season… And then you dropped Sam Reinhart right before he decided to get good at hockey and bet on William Nylander being back to start the season and now sit firmly in the middle of your keeper league then these are moves for you.


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