Tuesday Night Hackey Recap

20 teams played NHL hockey last night. This is what happened from where I was sitting.

Chicago 3 @ Winnipeg 6

Lets start with the Jets because I want to. The Jets have been making bad teams look good as of late but still have been coming out on top…so who cares probably? They decided to run the hawks show to start the game and then got all Maple Leafy on us and tried to blow a 4 goal lead. Of course, the Jets are not the Leafs and went on to get the double U. They had a similar up and down game last time Chicago was in town and looked shakey against another bad team last week. I forget who and don’t feel like looking it up. You look it up if you give a shit. Anyways Winnipeg will be fine. They are playing bad and winning. When they start to play well they will keep winning. As far as the Blackhawks go it is insane how quickly the league changes. It’s rebuild time.

Arizona 3 @ Boston 

Nick Schmaltz scored another goal. He has done nothing but score since joining the Yotes. I didn’t see the goal because if there are other games on I’m not watching Arizona but his trade partner Strome scored a filthy goal to start the almost comeback. Maybe one of those rare trades that could work out for both squads. Anyways the dirt dogs got up 2-rip before Chayka came down during intermission talk some sense into everyone. If you aren’t a contender, you better start losing. Clayton Keller needs Kaapo Kakko. After the first, the Bruins were handed the game.

Los Angeles 3 @ Buffalo 4 (OT)

Everyone thought Buffalo might actually be good and that scared the hell out of the Sabres. After a 10 game win streak, they decided to make up for lost time with 5 straight losses. Last night both these teams desperately tried to lose the game. In the end, it was the Kings who were successful. Likely because Buffalo, A team that lacks depth, actually have some filthy young players. Skinner Eichle and the Rasmuses on the PPer in OT… You’re fucked.

Also, I don’t know who Luff is but he scored a beautiful goal. So good for him.

Tour Anna 4 @ Carolina 1

I don’t know man I like watching TorRONTOo but I just have a hard time believing that a team that relies so heavily on its number 1 goalie is a legit contender. As it is with many of the Leafs games. Freddy Andersson was lights out and Teranna was able to bury some chances because they’ve got the talent to do so. Good for them. It may just be hard to believe they can do anything because they haven’t won a playoff series since 2004.

As for the canes, AHO is still the best player in the league. He just needs a goalie.


Vancouver 3 @ Columbus 2

If not for this gross Pettersson guy I wouldn’t even comment on the Canucks. He’s that good though. I’ve watched Vancouver games just to see him play. It’s not a waste of time he’s worth every second. This game was not good to watch, however. These are the kind of games Columbus should not let get away. Anyways Virtanen scored the game-winner on a lucky shot. That’s his 10th so he might not be a total bust, good to see Leivo find a team that cares about him.


Detroit 2 @ Washington 6 

That’s what should have happened


Florida 3 @ St.Louis 4 

Two of the most disappointing teams in the league. Someone had to get 2 points. I like Flordia and St.louis. Why do they have to be so damn bad?

Probably because Lou is old, Reimer is Reimer and Jake Allen is Jake Allen. Next


Ottawa 1 @ Smashville 3 

SMASHVILLE vs the Eugine Melnyk’s.

How does Ottawa win this game?  Well, Duchene would have to be in the lineup and playing out of his goddamn mind for starters. This is a classic example of a bad team vs a good team. Zach Smith opened the scoring, its good to see him score and give the middle finger to press box full of Ottawa managers that waived him at the start of the season.



Montreal 1 @ Minnesota 7 

SEVEN GOALS all scored on my Aunt Niemi…Former Stanley Cup champion and Vezina Trophy candidate Niemi.

I love to hate Montreal so thank you Dumba, thank you, Parise, thank you, Coyle, thank you, Spurgeon, thank you Niederreiter, thank you, Staal, Thank you Granlund you saucy bastard, thank you, Suter, Thank you Zucker, and thank you anyone else that I may have missed I’m sorry! goodnight!


Edmonton 6 @ Colorado 4 

The Edmonton Oilers can’t-fool me. They are not a good team. Colorado isn’t a great team either. They too lack scoring depth and rely heavily on a single line to get er done. I’m not surprised that the Oilers are going on a little run after firing their coach and I’m not surprised that they were able to beat the Avs. Even though I don’t think these are great teams. They are some fun teams to watch. McDavid vs Mackinnon. That’s all anyone needs to see. throw them out there one on one with a couple pylon defensemen.


That’s it.






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