Philly Coaching Staff Unaware They Were Being Recorded In Uber After Tough Loss

The Uber-Nhl series is back with a hilarious sequel.

Evidently, the NHL didn’t learn its lesson during the Senators ride.

Head coach Dave Hakstol, Assistant coaches Ian Laperriere and Rick Wilson, as well as goaltending coach Kim Dillabaugh entered the Honda Civic after stumbling out of a Winnipeg Pub Sunday Evening. They were coming off of an embarrassing 7-1 afternoon loss to the local Jets. The Flyers net was shared by Neuvirth and Stolarz who have struggled through parts of a combined 8 games this season. Brian Elliot has been by far the best option in net this season…and that’s not a good thing as he won just 6 of his 14 games this season. At this point, Philadelphia is throwing anyone in there. Calvin Pickard and that other guy Lyon or something? It’s a bad scene. General Manager Ron Hextall was probably still their best goalie but unfortunately, he’s been fired.


(here’s a flyer goalie. Don’t know which one)

So that leads us to Sunday night when Hakstol and the boys get into their Uber. The conversation had been happening prior to them getting in. Almost imminently we can hear assistant coach Wilson complain “I’ll give my $#%ing nephew a call. He plays beer league on Tuesdays” Hakstol quickly jokes “Kimmy can’t coach worth $%&* anyhow. doesn’t matter who we give him”  Dillabaugh quickly fired back “%#$ you, you $%#ing piece of %$# you get me one $%#ing goal at the other end. We let in 2, or we let in $%#ing 30 who gives a #^$t.” He went on “Micheal has a stick up his @$% when he plays and Tony… I don’t know if Tony can %$^ing see the god $#^$ puck.”

According to the Uber driver, The coaches briefly changed the subject to a couple of the women in the bar and what they might like to say if not for their wives. The Uber driver deleted this portion of the tape imminently. Stating “bro code” as his reason for doing so.

All passengers were quiet a moment before Dallabaugh begins to raise his voice. “I’M $%#%@ing quitting! I mean it this time!” Ian Laperriere begins to laugh loudly and uncontrollably when he does manage to catch his breath he looks around the vehicle before saying “Did you hear that Dave…Kimmy is going to quit again?” Hakstol calmly says “Kim you are not quitting. I understand we have some of the worst goalies in the NHL right now. Hell, not some of the worst, the worst. They are downright awful. But we need you to make them a little less awful because I don’t want to lose my job.”

The group arrived at the hotel. Hakstol asked Wilson to tip the driver, Wilson passes the responsibility to Dallabaugh who is now stuck in the middle seat alone in the back of the Civic. “I’m not #%$^ing tipping you. I’m going to be driving one of these things in a few weeks”




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