Toranna Media On The Leafs, Wings Thursday Night Tilt “A must win”

The maples currently sit 3 points back of the Atlantic and league leaders Tampa Bay. With a game in hand, the Leafs can tighten that gap against the worst Detroit Red Wings team in over two decades. With Billiam Nylander jumping back into the lineup the Leafs should dust Justin Abdelkader and company. If the Leafs, however, manage to blow this sure thing then people are going to lose their jobs.

Nylander must score at least a hattrick or he’s going to San Jose for Erik Karlsson 1 for 1 bad hockey trade.

Dubas, if he loses this game is an inexperienced muppet. If he wins, is the future of the game and a brilliant inventor.

Shanahan in a loss to his former squad will have to blow it up again in the Shanaplan 2 “super scorched earth”

Freddy Anderson- Is, of course, a Vezina candidate this year. If he has a good and not great game the Torahnah media has suggested he be moved to free up cap space to re-up patty Marleau. Picking up a goaltender like Scott Darling as insurance to emerging #1 Garret Sparks would also be wise.

We don’t even like Matthews anyways so send him home to Arizona if he doesn’t lock up the Stanley Cup in early March, he can take Mitch with him, that guy is to fancy and can’t even lay the body.

Good Luck Ter-an-ah

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