We Asked People Who Know Nothing About Hockey What Jack Eichel Did For a Living.

Here are ten answers to the question what do you think this guy does for a living?




In no particular order here are the 10 answers that made us chuckle the most

“I think he looks just like an Amature Golfer”

“Vending machine stock guy”

“Not basketball? No? Does he? Tennis or something probably”

“Parks Cars, parks cars for sure.”

“Plays the video games”

“Any chance he’s a street performer?”

“hunter..if that’s a job this dude is doing it”

“Man looks just like this one cashier at McDonald’s”

“I want to say he plays a sport”

“watches children sleep. Sorry no, a job? I don’t know. Computer developer, or maybe a used car sales men’s son. I guess that’s a job for his dad, not him. but yeah”



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