Top Prospects Based Off 2-7 Minute Youtube Videos

With a quarter of the season gone brutal teams are already looking ahead to the 2019 Entry Draft. Like the NHL insiders, I’ve watched a couple of youtube videos and asked my buddies what they thought to create a very accurate and in-depth look at the next wave of NHLers .

Jack Hughes

He’s 5’10 and looks skilled as all hell. I don’t know who these teams that USA gets to beat up on are but Hughes makes them look like broken pylons. Unfortunately, I could only stand to watch a couple minutes of his highlight package as if featured a remix of  Post Malones already hot garbage song “rockstar”. Jack should be filthy as long as he doesn’t somehow end up in Edmonton.


Kaapo Kakko

The guy has a nasty name and has been compared to Patty Hatty Laine. He’s 6’4 but his skating looks miles ahead of Laine’s and he seems like more of a playmaker than Patty. They are both Finnish, can finish, and have dirty lettuce. Heres a video demonstrating how big of a beauty Kaapo Kakko is.


Kirby Dach

Yup…believe it or not this guy projected to go top 5 in the NHL draft looks nasty too. He wears number 77 and looks to me like the Kevin Durrant of hockey. He’s not even that tall but is somehow the lankiest dude on the ice. The incredible play shown below at 4:20 of Dachs highlight package demonstrates just how talented he is. Dach intentionally hits the post so the puck can go off an opposing defender and into the net. That’s a smart hockey play right there, getting his team on the board and knocking the wind out of an opposing defenceman.


And the rest of the draft is a crapshoot. Good luck Ottawa

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