Cam Ward Is Either the Best or Worst Goalie in The League.

Cam Cam Cammy Cam Cam Ward

The man showed up won everything you could ever dream of and then proceeded to coast his way to an estimated 54 million dollars in earning. The Blackhawks gave him 3 mill more because he was a Conn Smyth winner over a decade ago. He has made the playoffs just once since his MVP run and put up some pretty uninspiring numbers in the process… BUT the thing I love about Cam Ward is his ability to make highlight reel saves. He’s like a basketball player that puts up 6 points a game but all 3 baskets absolutely he destroys the rim. Cam Ward is going to be a guy that people look back at and wrongly assume he was a very good netminder. A Stanley Cup, Conn Smyth trophy, and a ridiculous highlight reel. He is one of the very best at sprawling across the net to make a goal-line glove save.


In my very unprofessional armchair coach opinion the majority of the time that goalies make a ridiculous highlight reel save, it is because they are out of position, made a mistake and are recovering. Bad rebounds or giveaways behind the net make for exciting scrambles to the net. Of course, not all great saves are due to goalie error, it could be a player error, or simply a great play. You do have to wonder though is Cam Wards poor positioning or rebound control partly to blame for the unusually high number of desperation saves? How many similar plays ended up in the back of the net?

Or maybe that’s all nonsense and the hurricanes suck and Cam Ward was a gift from the gods that they WASTED! MAYBE THEY RUINED WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST GOALIE OF ALL TIME! Did Cam complain? No Cam Ward is an Angel, an Angel of Angles. If he was out of position the rest of the Hurricanes organization was at fault. Be grateful Carolina he gave you something you may never get again. Also, the 8th seeded Oilers, thank them too.

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