I’m going to go ahead and say the Blues missed their window. Now I’m not so naive as to think that this is all one guy’s fault. As a former wildly inconsistent goaltender myself, and as a fan of Jake Allen, I don’t want to give the impression that he is the reason that the Blues don’t all have rings. That being said I think its time for a change for both the Blues and Jake the Snake.

SnakeJakeBakeAkeLakeBefore I shit talk a guy that I wish I could be, I’ll tell you why I love Jake Allen. The guy is all or nothing when he is on he is friggen on! He has continued to fool Doug Armstrong into believing he can be “the guy” because every once and a while he is. Secondly and more importantly Jake Allen has not been plagued by the wave of boring all-white goalie gear that is ruining the league. The man has style, the vintage looking blue, yellow, white Vaughn gear is disgusting.

Other white jake

Unfourtanutlly Jake isn’t always on. Every “backup” goalie that the blues have brought in have at times pushed Jakey Poo out of the net. First, he split time with Halak. He was young and Halak steals the crease from everyone including Carey Price and Tuukka Rask so we’ll give him a pass there. Brian Elliot shared time with him and despite St.Louis’ best efforts to make Allen the starter the net was always Elliots for large portions of the season and when the blues were inevitably knocked out of the playoffs. Carter Hutton stole the starting job from Jake then found himself a new full-time gig in Buffalo. This year Allen and the Blues have started terribly after what looked like a great offseason. Coach Mike Yeo is gone and CHAD JOHNSON is his backup. If he loses his job to Chad Johnson then its Maple Leaf time, blow it up! If you aren’t a contender you might as well be throwing a hat in the Jack Hughes ring.  Vladi Daddy is only 26 and we’ve seen how quickly young starts can tear up this league, let’s do it St.Louis. While we’re at it lets sign Officer Bobrovsky next season! Signing an elite Russian goalie from a “non-hockey” market has never failed. BRYZ


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