How does a man so small, have a dick so big? Marty is in the F’in hall because he’s a filthy all-around beauty and I’ll physically engage anyone that says otherwise. He’s like 4 foot 7 and skated like he was 3 foot 2…Just faaaaast. He rocked that old yellow Easton Synergy which is easily the best twig ever made ever. He won the Art Ross in 04, robbed the Calgary Flames of a Stanley, casually put up millions and millions of points than said fuck it went all out and won the Art Ross again in 2013. He won the Bud Light Plus Minus award. Didn’t know that was a thing but sick for him. He won like 3 Lady Bings aka the Pavel Datsyuk award. He’s a gentleman and it’s a damn shame he got too old to play hockey. I miss him.

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