Quenneville Getting the Boot IS Fucked

The fact that Joel Quenneville got fired is absolutely bananas. The Blackhawks won the cup in 2015, it’s 2018! They won the cup 3 years ago and have only missed the playoffs once in Quenneville’s nine full seasons with the team. Nine seasons with the team that saw the Blackhawks take home 3 Stanley Cups. Those 3 cups during Quenneville’s time as head coach match the 3 cups that they had won in their previous 82 seasons! Where in the hell do you expect to find a better coach? Poor Patty Kane blaming himself for the break-up, I’m not kidding that’s true… I also never thought I would say poor Patrick Kane…

Quenneville probably doesn’t mind taking a little vacay but it is insane that he had to be fired. What’s a guy supposed to do with a team that loses its starting goalie for a full year and trades away an 80 point winger for a 35 point one. But I am going to stop here because it is getting a little too real for fake hockey news. Heres a video illustrating how big of a beauty coach Q is

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