Elias Pettersson’s Dad is Flexing On Everyone

Mr.Pettersson is going to be the next mayor of Vancouver. You heard it here first. The man has to carry his huge sack in a wheelbarrow. He’s a fucking stallion, who walked into his sons first NHL game ready to flash his uncircumcised cock in front of the city of Calgary. The image above shows Torbjörn Pettersson letting the flames fans know he’s their daddy now.

In all seriousness, Torbjörn’s kid can play. He’s dirtier than Paul Bissonnette’s browser history, which we have to assume is disgusting and probably borderline illegal. Make sure you are alone when you watch this video.


He’s played 8 NHL games and Canada’s West coast has already forgotten about those other Swedes. If he can keep this up Pettersson Sr. is going to be dad dicking the league all year long and that will be almost as fun to watch as watching his 90-pound kid make grown men fall over.

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