Aho “no regrets” over turning down leading role in HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones

Carolina Hurricanes centre Sebastian Aho has gotten off to a monster start this season, scoring 4 goals, and 13 assists in just 12 games. The Finnish youngsters hard work appears to have paid off, but his path to NHL stardom was not always clear. Many questioned Aho’s decision when he chose to peruse a career in hockey after being offered a role in the HBO hit series Game Of Thrones. Aho was 14 years old when asked to play Arya Stark, a major character in the series.

AHO STARKThe part eventually went to actress Maisie Williams (left). No Stark contrast here. Her and Aho(right) share a close resemblance.

George RR Martin had this to say about the Canes star “Its great to see Aho tearing shit up. We’re  really happy for him. It was tough to see him go but luckily we were able to find a young girl that looked just like him. So it all worked out in the end”

Aho has stated numerous times that Hockey is his first love he has “no regrets, I love playing hockey and i am still learning English so i don’t think i can be in acting”

Although we’re not totally sure that Aho is not just playing both parts, we’re certainly glad he chose to turn down Hollywood for Carolina.


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